Howard University . Washington, DC
Faculty Biography - Abdul Karim Bangura
PhD Linguistics, Georgetown University
PhD Political Science, Howard University
PhD Development Economics, University of Maryland Baltimore Graduate School
PhD Computer Science, Columbus University
PhD Mathematics, Columbus University
MS Linguistics, Georgetown University
Grd Dpl Social Sciences, Stockholms Universitet
MA International Affairs, American University
BA International Studies, American University
E-mail: (preferred)
Telephones: Howard University, 202.806.9388/6850/6720; The African Institution: 202.829.6554

For 17 years now (three years for Bowie State University, seven years for American University, and seven years for Howard University), the scientific essays of Abdul Karim Bangura’s undergraduate students have been the most published in the faculty refereed National Conference on Undergraduate Research Journal, and many others have been published inother faculty refereed journals. Also, for 14 years now, his graduate students at Howard Universiity and American University have been the most published in refereed and other scholarly journals and books and have won the most Best Graduate Student Paper Awards.

A Muslim who attended a Roman Catholic school and served mass as an Altar Boy in Sierra Leone and studied Judaism under the tutelage of revered Rabbis in Italy, Bangura is well schooled in the Abrahamic connections. Well sought after for television and radio shows, speeches, lectures, essay and book manuscript reviews, workshops on research methodology and teaching/learning strategies, inter-religious dialogues, training in cross-cultural communication and language usage strategies, and conflict resolution, Bangura holds a BA in International Studies, an MA in International Affairs, a Graduate Diploma in the Social Sciences, an MS in Linguistics, a PhD in Political Science, a PhD in Development Economics, a PhD in Linguistics, a PhD in Computer Science, and a PhD in Mathematics.

Bangura is currently a professor of Research Methodology and Public Policy in the Department of Political Science and coordinator of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) initiative at Howard University and a researcher-in-residence of Abrahamic Connections and Islamic Peace Studies at the Center for Global Peace in the School of International Service at American University. Before that, he was a professor of International Relations and Islamic Peace Studies, a researcher-in-residence at the Center for Global Peace, the coordinator of the BA in International Studies—International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) focus, the coordinator of the Islamic Lecture Series, the coordinator of the NCUR, and the faculty advisor of The Africa Project at the Center for Global Peace, the American University Undergraduate Research Association (AUURA), the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Association (IPCRA), the Student Organization for African Studies (SOFAS) and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at American University, and the director of The African Institution in Washington, DC. From 1993 to 2000, Bangura taught Political Science and International Studies, served as Special Assistant to the President and Provost, founded and directed The Center for Success at Bowie State University of the University of Maryland System. He also has taught at Georgetown University and Sojourner-Douglass College.

Bangura is the author 75 books and more than 600 scholarly articles. One of his recent books titled African Mathematics: From Bones to Computers is the winner of the prestigious Cecil B. Curry Book Award. Bangura is fluent in about a dozen African and six European languages, and studying to increase his proficiency in Arabic, Hebrew, and Hieroglyphics. He is the recipient of many teaching and other scholarly and community service awards. He is also a member of many scholarly organizations, has served as President and then United Nations Ambassador of the Association of Third World Studies, and is a Special Envoy of the African Union Peace and Security Council.

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