Christmas Toys Present and Dinner

Guanin Center, Inc.

Dr. Lynne Guitar, President and Lic. Yovanny Severino Polanco, Executive Director. Wish all of you. Christmas Holiday and Happy New Year 2011.

We want to thank all of you, for your hard work and support the Guanin Christmas Toys Drive and the Dinner for la Piedra people. Where 150 kids and their parents receiving toys dinner in that activity.

Thank you so much Lori Halladay, Canada Director, and staffs, Laurie Tompkins, USA Program Manager and staffs, Regina Ackerman from Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Carmen Bernhardt and staffs for the donation and our volunteers, Nicole Bernhardt, Christopher Tompkins, Jacqueline Ramirez, Guarionex Heredia and others.

In addition, we are implementing programs to help residents of the community of La Piedra (the town is located the cave) with education, health, crafts, crafts, workshops on environmental awareness, organic farming and goat products. Residents of la Piedra live in extreme poverty. 60% receive an income of less than U.S. $ 2/day for lack of a source of employment, one in three earning an income less than $ 1/day, and our focus on this population. Most of them previously lived along the Rio Ozama, National District.They are the survivors of Hurricane Georges in 1998, and many other storms and floods, because they lost most of their few belongings.

The Dominican government offered cheap land in the community of La Piedra, where they are safe from flooding, but live almost penniless. Living from livestock (mainly chickens), agriculture very little to eat, such as planting of cassava and other vegetables, odd jobs (chiripeo). They have no potable water, electricity, latrines, close school, health center, or phone line, the road is in very bad traffic, the only transport is by moto-concho, and no source of employment.

We realize, we have many more hours of hard work ahead of us as we continue on with our goals. Our driving force of this goal is to serve the children and the families of the Dominican Republic and Haiti communities by providing much needed community services to those in need.

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