This is a emergency call for help.

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We need to raise the equivalent of US$2,000 to make a safe home for a Dominican-Haitian family who are living in a very precarious condition. Five people, three adolescents and two adults, live there. One of those adults is Seņora Silvania, 49 years old, who has a contagious disease. They live, as previously mentioned, in a precarious condition, in a so-called house with a dirt floor, whose roof is covered with old pieces of rusty, full-of-holes corrugated tin (called "zinc" here), the multiple holes stuffed with plastic.

Of course, no matter how much plastic they stuff in the holes, when it rains, it's still like camping outside, for the water finds a way in. We repeat, we are all children of God with the same rights to life, education, health, love, and a roof over our heads that keeps us safe and dry. This family, however, has not had the luck of enjoying these rights.

Guanin, Inc., has already provided the medical treatment to begin curing Seņora Silvania of her illness and is also making sure that all members of the family have enough to eat every day, but we need your help to repair her house, to make it safe, dry, and healthy for her and her family.

We need:
Wood (2x4s and 1x4s)
3" zinc nails
Sheets of zinc for the roof
Cement and color tint for the floors
Sand for mixing with the cement for the floor
This is our phone number: 1-829-875-4599 bra de arboles, etc.

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