Guanin In action:

Assistance for ours brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Haiti Relief
Orphanage Delmas 33
Contact in Haiti, Stanley Quintel
Tel: (509) 2 246-4116, Email:

Almost 6 years, In May 29, 2004, in the city of Jimani close to the border, where more 2,000 Dominicans and Haitians died in a flooded of the River Soleir in Haiti.
On January 12, 2010, a series of devastating earthquakes, with magnitudes ranging from 6.5 to 7.3, wracked HaitiGuanín Center, Inc.have been present with donations for those people.

January 13, 2010:

Guanin Center, Inc. has just sent, one of its members, Mr. Marco Canela with the Phone number. (809) 869-1401 to Haiti, to coordinate our visit on Friday 15, of January 2010.

January 15 to 18, 2010:

Gaunin in Action with Haiti Providing 6 Doctors and nurses, medicin and medical supplies.
Leader: Yovanny Severino Polanco, president of Guanin Center, Inc.

January 18 to 26, 2010:

Guanin in Action with Haiti working with Angel's for Haiti, Toronto, Canada. Aid support to Haiti, (Medical supplies and alimentation from Canada)
Canada Leaders: Marlene, Teresa C., Tanya and Larry
DR Coordinator: Severino Polanco

January 28 to February 01:

Gaunin in Action with Haiti, providing medical supplies, doctors and nurses. Group from Chicago, USA
USA Leaders: Rosette Ligonde-Toussaint, Stephan Toussaint and David K. Palmer
Guanin Center leaders: Yovanny Severino Polanco and Guarionex Heredia Carasco.

Phase 1:

  • January 15 at March 24 Guanin Center, Inc., have been contributed and providing medical care, foods, tents, medicines, doctors, nurses and some cash donations, to the now 700 and still growing population of orphans at the home there.

Phase 2, Construction of Permanent Structures:

  • March 14, 2010
  • Construction workers, for the entire back section of the orphans´ home collapsed and the rest of it needs strengthening against future earthquakes
  • Medical Center

Programing activities 2010, January 01 to Jun 30

The Guanin Centre is overwhelmed and is in dire need of medical supplies, food, water, clothing, building supplies: heavy equipments, trucks, cars, lumber; sheet rock, cement, screws; nails; generators or any old tools you have, gathering dust. Anything you can donate at this will serve our purpose.

Guanin Center, Inc. is working with its partners: The International Association of Adaptive Sciences, Children’s Villages and Mission Angel's for Haiti, Canada, including Fundacion CHAI, president Phillip Jacob, Chicago, USA.

We currently assist Karen Bultje from Coram Deo Learning Center with any needs she finds within her community inside Port-au-Prince.

Any donation, your tax-deductible gift of emergency aid to Guanin Center, Inc. will support the completion and operation of our programs and project and both countries, Dominican Republic and Haiti and provide emergency relief and recovery efforts, to help those people, whose lives were shattered, by the earthquakes, in Haiti.

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My note in pdf.

- Beans in can
- Salchicas in can
- Sardines in can
- Tuna in can
- Cookies of soda
- Milk tetra pack
- Juices of fruit tetra pack
- Any kind of food in general.

- Serums of oral rehidratatión
- Gauzes - Cotton - Analgesic (acetaminofén, ibuprofen)
- Slings - Elastic bandage
- Anti-tetanus Toxoide
- Human anti-tetanus Ganmaglobulina
- Antibiotics (amoxicifilina, in suspension and/or tablets)
- Antiseptic (type yodopovidona, or type clorhexidina soap)
- Sanitary towels

For any contribution or danation in the USA or Canada, please contact our brother and sister, our paypal link in the Guanin Center page is not in function:

1) Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura:
Address: 7532 Eighth Street, NW Washington, DC 20012 USA
Tel: Howard University, 202.806.9388/6850/6720; Home, 202.882.8228; The African Institution, 202.829.6554

2) Laurie Tompson:
Address: 15 old post Road
Tolland Connecticut 06084 USA
Tel: (860) 707-5728

3) Guanin Center, Inc.
Address: Aparta Postal Z-77, Zona Colonial
Tel (829) 875-4599/ (809) 875-4599

Our Bank in the DR. for any donation
Bank: BanReservas
No.: 730-000084-4
Name: Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc.

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