Library and learning support

>>> Start date: September 26, 2008
>>> Sex: All are welcome
>>> Area of Focus: Art, Architecture, Music, Network of Nonprofit Organizations, Rural Issues, Library or Resource Center, Community Building and Renewal, Sports, Recreation, and Leisure, Education and Academia, Family and Parenting, Wildlife and Animal Welfare, Personal Finance, Environment and Ecology, Children and Youth, Health and Medicine, Multi-Service Community Agency, Community Service and Volunteering.


Individuals assist in the operations of the only free community library in town. This implies general management (cataloguing, shelving, physical space management) but, more importantly, assisting children, youth and adults with academic tasks such as homework, individual research, reading and math tutoring and one on one assistance.

Our volunteers offer their own skills to help enhance our programs and adapt to learning new things. We encourage enthusiastic role models that are willing to set a good example and most importantly have fun with the kids.

>>>How to Apply:

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