* Summer Program Michigan State University

The program is sponsored by the Department of Geography and the Urban and Regional Planning .Program in the College of Social Science; arranged through the Office of Study Abroad (OSA)

Whatís this program about?

This program organized by the Michigan State University College of Social Science, SAS, Guanin Center, Inc., offers students an opportunity to earn academic credit while experiencing Dominican culture and traditions. The program uses the Dominican Republic as a laboratory and places particular emphasis on understanding the interaction between human and physical aspects of development focusing on the role of tourism.

The Dominican Republic, where Columbus dropped anchor at the end of his first voyage, shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. It is the destination of many thousands of tourists who are attracted by the islandsí tropical climate and extraordinary natural beauty.

The program will take place in collaboration with the (SAS) "STUDENT AGENCY SERVICES CxA". and "CENTRO CULTURAL GUANIN, INC". Through classroom presentations and field experiences, students will study the Dominican Republic in the context of general Latin American development and urbanization trends.

These discussions will focus on the relationships among tourism and population growth issues, rural to urban migration and the internal structure of Santo Domingo.

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