Programing activities 2010, January o1 to Jun 30.
2010 Mission activities to the Dominican Republic and Haiti
Trip Dates Number Lodging Location
(Work Location)
Lead organization (pre-trip training location) and group leader (s)
January 13- January 18 3 Japanese
1 Rep
Leader preparation trip, Guanin in Action with Haiti DR Leader: Marco Canela
Accompanied with the Japanese journalist
January 15-January 18 6 Doctors and nurses Medical supplies and doctors and nurses, Gaunin in Action with Haiti Providing medical supplies and doctors and nurses
Leader: Severino Polanco, president of Guanin Center, Inc.
January 18- January 26 4 US
Trip Aid support to Haiti, Guanin in Action with Haiti Angel's for Haiti, Toronto, Canada.
(Medical supplies and alimentation from Canada)
Canada Leaders: Marlene, Teresa C., Tanya and Larry
DR Coordinator: Severino Polanco
March 04- March 14 18 Students. 2 Professors Santo Domingo, DR (Santo Domingo and surrounding communities) University of Jacksonville G-105, International Education Programs
Usa Leader: Ph.D Scott Tayloe
DR Coordinator: Severino Polanco
March 14-
March 16
Wergeland Family Sports camps for the children, School las Piedras community Christian family who enjoys sports, travelling, children and adventure.Vancouver, Canada: Bruce and Cynthia
March 14- Jun 21

10 USA, Students and


Santo Domingo, DR (Santo Domingo and surrounding communities) The Master of Arts in Public Administration (MAPA) degree Program at Howard University propose to establish a cooperative relations between the Centro Cultural "Guanin" Inc., and a public university in Santo Domingo Public Administration in Developing Societies pilot project Dominican Republic.
USA Leaders: Ph.D Michael Frazier Director of the Department of Political Science at Howard University in Washington DC, and his collegue Dr. Addul Karim (Ph.D.)
DR Coordinator: Severino Polanco
April 05
May 08
Committee Leaders preparation trip, Guanin in Action with Haiti Build schools and a clinic in Cap-Haitien,medical supplies, water tank and more
USA Leader: Phillip Jacob
DR Coordinator: Severino Polanco, Guanin In Action with Haiti.
May 09
Jun 05
15 Students. 2 Professors Santo Domingo, DR (Santo Domingo and surrounding communities education) Caribbean Regional Development:
The Dominican Republic Experience Study Abroad Program, Michigan State University In collaboration with PUCMM, CIEE, and SAS, Dominican Republic
USA Leaders: Ph.D Rene Hinojosa and Ph.D Sarah Nicols
DR coordinator: Severino Polanco
Jun- 20 September Committee Interchange program in the Caribbean, youth prevention and education against HIV/AIDS The Interreg project will be developed together with Coin and Guanin Center, Inc. With students from the Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Martinique and St. Martin.
Coin Leader: Dr. John Water
Guanin Center, Inc. Leader: Severino Polanco
Jun- 21
Ayuda humanitario Guanin Center in Accion with Haiti, Orphanage Delma 31. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Medical visit and contruction development building for the Orphanage in Delma 31.
Guanin Center, Inc. Leader : Severino Polanco, Yovanny
Dominican Republic: Ing. Manuel Feliz
USA: Rosetee Toussaint and husband and other 2 accompanying

Jun 28
5 weeks
Summer Camp Santo Domingo (Summer Camp) Open Summer Camp 2010.
Is currently looking for volunteers for its 5-weeks program running from:
June 28 th to July 30 th 2010
Jun 28 Volunteer Fundraising program a) Enlarge the small school, classrooms, computer room and other meeting rooms
b) For the purchase of equipment and supplies for the offices, school supplies and sports equipment, etc.
Jun 11 Presentation Ecoturism Project Presentation. Dia internacional de los pueblos Originarios, Museo del Hombre Dominicano, a las 6:00 PM, no falte.
July 15 Medical Clinic La Pidra, Provin Santo Domingo

1) Medical Clinic, donation, medicin, school suplies, scholl uniform and more.

2) Institution, Eloisa con los niños

Agust 17 School ESL Program Fist day school class, meeting at 8:00 PM at the Guanin Center
August 30 ESL Progra Teacher ESL Nicole B. Volunter for the ESL program, first day class.

Interested persons should apply online at . Once a completed on-line application has been received, you will receive an email with additional instructions.

For questions, please contact Laurie Tompkins at or by calling (860) 707-5728.

We are offering new membership for Guanin Center, Inc. Get your today just with $300.00 a year, we need to raise for the Villa Mella Phase 1, USA $ 40,000.00

Our bank account in the DR.
Bank: BanReservas
No.: 730-000084-4
Name: Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc.

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