We strive to tailor our program to best meet the needs of the youth in our community. Our program initiatives have greatly evolved over the years and no one program is of more importance than another. The current initiative are the following.


SAS and Guanin Center, Inc., are two differents institutions but they work in partnership.



ESL Program:

This is SAS English as a Second Language Program that is directed to students' at all academic levels and all ages to improve education levels and to provide opportunities to those who are not normally able to participate in English courses.

The program began in May 2010 with 50 students (5 students per professor). We received 5 international and 3 local volunteer professors (4 from the USA and 1 from Canada to teach at the program).

2011: 35 students graduated. 15 students in advanced levels and 10 at the basic level with 2 USA and 4 local volunteer professors.

2012: There were 70 students at the basic level at our new Guanin Community Center in la Piedra, Municipality of Guerra, Santo Domingo Province. We received aid from 4 USA and 2 local volunteer professors.

Participants can choose to come for a week or for longer periods.

Date: The progran is open year-round

  • Fall: Mid-August to December
  • Winter: January to March
  • Spring: March to end of June.

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Program sponsorship:

Become one of our sponsorship, sponsor an individual child or the general community program at the Guanin Center in la Piedra. Because it takes a community to meet all of any individual child's needs, you may choose, instead of sponsoring an individual child, to aid the general community program. Money donated through program sponsorship is pooled and used to fund development in the communities of La Piedra--where sponsored children live. This provides the Center Cultural Guanin, Inc. field staff and local volunteers with the resources to carry out long-term plans aimed at creating environments in which all the children in this community can thrive.

We have 45 kids, 6 of them, already sponsored by American and Cuban family. They are special boys and girls who desperately need your love and support. No child should be without food, drinking water, shelter, education, or basic health care, for these are the rights of all human beings. For just about $1 a day, we offer you the opportunity to contribute to a just society-your donations might even save one of the kid's lives! For just about $1 a day ($35 per month), you can ensure that a child in Villa Mella or La Piedra is not denied his or her rights.

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Internship Program:

INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS IN THE LAND COLUMBUS LOVED BEST. This is SAS/GUANIN, In, program. SAS's Internship Program places graduate students and undergraduates, who have completed or are in the process of completing their programs of study, in internship positions in the Dominican Republic, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, the island that Christopher Columbus said was “the most beautiful in the world.
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This is a year-round program for indivual and groups, we offer placement for interns in a wide variety of fields. Every year we receive 5 different unversities and more than 30 individuals to our program.

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Community Service

SAS/Guanin Center, Inc., offers great volunteer opportunities for groups or individuals. We offer a way to discover the Dominican culture, past and present, on our custom designed trips, a way that will coincide with class curriculum while safely immersing students into the diverse Dominican lifestyle. Our goal is for the students or groups to get involved in projects that will have a monumental, long-term impact on the children and the communities that they serve.

The community of La Piedra is located in the Municipality of Guerra, Santo Domingo Province, Dominican Republic, an hour and a half to the East of the National District and half an hour North of the Las Américas Airport. The community of La Piedra is divided into three sectors, with a total population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants. Our Community Center is located in La Piedra 1, where we currently offer educational programs and an After School program for 200 kids, a food program for 200 people a day Monday through Friday, a liiteracy program for 70 adults for 2 years, My Roof program, where more than 5 families got their houses fixed and rebuilt, and basic health-care services to 1,300+ patients from both La Piedra 1 and La Piedra 2.

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Orphanage assistance

We do have several orphanages we sponsor in Santo Domingo such as Madre Vieja and Palenque in San Cristóbal. We also do activities with kids with HIV in Boca Chica.
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Sports Internship

We work in association with over 20 clubs located in 12 communities´ service locations across the Dominican Republic. We are promoting sports such as soccer, field hockey, baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball. In the future we want to include arts, cycling, swimming, etc. We provide tennis shoes, gloves, bats, baseballs, basketballs and other sports supplies to the community.

In the last 3 years we have been working with 5 different Universities from the USA, in Sports Programs and Sport Medicine. We work with Townson University, 17 students and 2 faculty, January 2011; Immaculata University, 12 students and 2 faculty, January 2012; Indianapolis University, 12 students and 3 faculty, March 2012; Juniata College, 17 students, 2 faculty and 3 mothers, March 2013; and Howard University, 11 students and 2 faculty, July 2013.

Today, Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that they are giving every opportunity to the youth to develop to their full potential and to develop safer and healthier communities.

Our work is really growing which demonstrates that community-based sports program based in Centro Guanin contributes to the awareness and preventive solutions to alcohol and drug problems by not accepting and not promoting excessive drinking and providing appropriate role models for young people.

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After school program

This program after and before school is directed to the children aged 3 to 14 years old. The idea of the program is to cover the deficiency of the formal school system in the DR. Although some of our kids are in advanced grade levels, they don´t know how to read and write properly. The purpose of the after and before school program is to provide a safe environment in which we can promote, support, and enhance all areas of a child's learning and development.

In the Community of la Piedra we provide one meal a day for 200 kids and adults and a balance of prevention, educational, social and recreational opportunities in fun and playful ways, from Monday through Friday.


  1. 200 people in the community

  • 100 boys and girls, from 3 to 14 years old, with scarce resources.

  • 100 adults of the community

Cost of the Program per year:

  1. US $ 10,000

This is a year-round program.
Fall: Mid-August to December
Winter: January to March
Spring: March to End of June

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Literacy programs for youths and adults

This a 2 year program sponsored by the Dominican Goverrment and the Ministry of Education.

At our Guanin Center, in the community of la Piedra, we provide class for 70 adults, in groups of students, twice a week and 6 hours per week classes. This program is running every day, from Monday to Sunday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the Community of la Piedra. Read more.............


Summer Camp programs

This is a free program for the kids of la Piedra. This a seasonal program for youth from ages 3 to 14 focusing on recreational activities, personal growth and social skills. With many having previously failed in public schools, the camp provides an opportunity for children to learn about their environment, culture and peers through experimental learning and educational excursions.

This is a hands on experience. Most of the children are discovering and developing respect for their community and themselves for the first time. They will be able to learn arts, sports, math, English, etc.
We do work in partnership with SAS.

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Free Summer Camp 2012

  1. 150 kids, betwen 5 to 14 years old
  2. 6 weeks, from Monday to Friday
  3. Cost. US $ 12,893.25



Health, Medical assistance program

SAS/Guanín is a third-party program provider in terms of the services we provide here in the Dominican Republic to Medical School and University professors and student groups that come for hands-on medical/nursing/therapy experience. We offer great opportunities for the pre-med students of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and other Health care professionals to get hands-on experience for international practicum, cross-cultural training, volunteer service or to approve your Spanish language and Spanish Medical Terminology as part of our total immersion program.

We work directly with our own community clinic and several public and private hospitals in the Dominican Republic. This project is directed to communities in all the vulnerable and frontier zones of the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti (the two countries that share the island of Hispaniola), and has as its objective to educate and bring to the public´s awareness the dangers of HIV/AIDS, its transmission, treatment, and preventative measures.

Program fee:
Per week: $ 450.00 per student.


General orientation:

  1. General orientation to the country, culture, economy, politics, people, and medical facilities, health and safety precautions. Tour of historical site, cultural lecture by Dr. Lynne Guitar, Ph.D
  2. Clinical Observations: Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Clinical and hospital observation- 10-12 hours Medical observation per week.
    2 times per week, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Sports medicine -field experience at gym and rehabilitation clinic for occupational therapy students. Speech Pathology field practice will include speech, language, and hearing screenings.
    3 hours activity per week
  3. Lectures and Seminars: 2 times each week, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Medical and Spanish classes; Guest Speakers- doctors and specialists in health education, disability, rehabilitation services, access to healthcare services, nutrition, anatomy, sport medicine and biomechanics of exercise.
  4. Service-Learning Project: Friday 8:00 to 2:00 PM, Medical Mission at the Community Center-6 hours field work per week
  5. Cultural and Leisure Activities: Tour of city and cultural and historic sites; Hiking trip to Jarabacoa and Constanza
    Saturday, Trip to beach, trip to the south part of the country, Independencia province, National Park los Haitises, etc.

Accommodation in hotel: 2 students per room: USD $ 245.00 per week per student with breakfast included.
Accommodation in host family:
USD $ 175.00 per week per student, 2 meal included.
Meal: USD $ 100.00 per week per student with 2 meals included

Program Information

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Women's Club program

The details for this program are soon to come.


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