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Sponsor list, Find out if sponsorship is right for you. We'll rush you the photo and family history of a special boy or girl who desperately needs your love and support.

No child should be without food, drinking water, shelter, education, or basic health care, for these are the rights of all human beings. For just about $1 a day, we offer you the opportunity to contribute to a just society-your donations might even save one of the kid's lives! For just about $1 a day ($35 per month), you can ensure that a child in Villa Mella or La Piedra is not denied his or her rights.

For more than 400 years, from the slave era through the present day, Villa Mella, founded as a haven for runaway slaves (today, a northern suburb of the Capital), has been one of the poorest of all the other regions of the Dominican Republic. Villa Mella and its residents are forgotten and neglected, even though they are directly under the eyes of the politicians and even though the region is one of the richest sectors in the country, culturally, because of its Afro-Dominican and Afro-Caribbean legacies.

The community of La Piedra was founded much more recently to house families who had built homes--most made of cardboard and discarded pieces of tin, and without plumbing--along the banks of the Ozama River in Santo Domingo, homes that were wiped out by Hurricane George (1998) and then again by Hurricane Olga (2007). La Piedra means "the rock" and aptly describes the region, which is dominated by rough limestone formations. These already marginalized families of mixed Dominican and Haitian ancestry, whose meager belongings were washed away by high winds and flood waters, have now built similar homes in La Piedra, where there is no threat of flooding from hurricanes, but where water, plumbing, electricity, and other services are either unavailable or available only from costly or far away sources.

By sponsoring a child in Villa Mella or La Piedra, you help us to commit to long-term community service in these two resource-poor communities, and you gain the opportunity to form a relationship with the child and his or her family. You'll be invited to choose whether you wish to support a girl or a boy, and of what age.

  • You'll receive the name and birth date of the child, his or her photograph, and information about his or her family, as well as more detailed information about their community.
  • You'll be able to write to and receive letters from them, to visit them, and you will receive annual updates on the improvements in their lives that your generosity is helping to bring about.

Program sponsorship:

Because it takes a community to meet all of any individual child's needs, you may choose, instead of sponsoring an individual child, to aid the general community program. Money donated through program sponsorship is pooled and used to fund development in the communities--Villa Mella and La Piedra--where sponsored children live. This provides the Center Cultural Guanin, Inc. field staff and local volunteers with the resources to carry out long-term plans aimed at creating environments in which all the children in these two communities can thrive.

To sponsor a child or the program now:

Please specify your sponsorship type below--an individual child or the general community program. Regardless of your sponsorship type, it costs only about $1 a day ($35 per month).

On the next screen you will be able to specify sponsorship for an individual child or for the general community program from a drop-down menu. If you choose to sponsor an individual child, please also choose the age and gender of the child you wish to sponsor. :
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2. Or call us at 1-(809) 435-1980 or 1(829) 875-4599

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