Sponsorship Program
Sponsor a Child make the difference.

Sponsorship Program Sponsor a Child make the difference. Guanin Center, Inc. every year sponsor several children in the different community in the Dominican Republic. Guanin Center always sponsors boys or girls of the single parents with bad economic situation and low income.

We do sponsor school supplies, scholar's uniforms and etc., and we are also sponsor the happiness of the children celebrating their birthday. Now in this Semana Mayor, Guanín Center. Inc, bought some plastic swimming pools for the children of the community where they can swim and share totally free with their friends in these vacations of Semana Santa. The idea to buy the plastic swimming pools came from the Guanín Center president, Sr. Yovanny Severino Polanco, facilitating those pools so those families. Where some of the parents don't have the facility to carry the children to the beaches.

Your support will be used for programs that benefit the children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and their families and communities. You can be assured that your sponsorship dollars are spent in the most cost-efficient way. In fact, 92% of every sponsorship dollar goes to program implementation. Only about 08% is spent on operations. No child should be without food, drinking water, shelter, education, or basic health care, for these are the rights of all human beings. For just about $1 a day, we offer you the opportunity to contribute to a just society-your donations might even save one of the kid's lives! For just about $1 a day ($35 per month), Help us help the children realize their potential and build a brighter future for nation by making a tax-deductible donation today EIN 27-2211708.

Because it takes a community to meet all of any individual child's needs, you may choose, instead of sponsoring an individual child, to aid the general community program.

Money donated through program sponsorship is pooled and used to fund development in the communities--Villa Mella and La Piedra--where sponsored children live. This provides the Center Cultural Guanin, Inc. field staff and local volunteers with the resources to carry out long-term plans aimed at creating environments in which all the children in these two communities can thrive.

Happy Birthday Make the difference, sponsor one of our kid
Beach at home, Guanin Center sponsor kids at the neighbohood buying a plastic swimming pools
Guanin Center, club de los lectores. We provide kids read books for the kids at the community.
Those books were donated by Rita Wirkala. She was born and raised in Argentina. She also lived in Brazil, and then moved to the United States, where she earned a doctorate in Spanish Literature.
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We have just recently acquired space/ building for the Opening of the Guanin Center in Santo Domingo for the Dominican and Haitian Children . We are in desperate need of books for the children 5 to 15 years old and we have the SAS English as a second language program open for all ages. Ideally, the books would be written in the Spanish / and English. We would use this generous donation for educational purposes and for the small library we have developed in the Center. I am also in search of English/Spanish flash cards, DVD Kids movies for the teaching of ESL classes held at the Center.
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