Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc.
Brotherhood, Equality And Compatiblity
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Procuraduria General de la Republica Dominicana
Procuraduria General de la Republica Dominicana # 1
Secretaria de Estado de Industriria y Comercio
Secretaria de Estado de Industriria y Comercio # 1
Secretaria de Estado de Industriria y Comercio # 2
Secretaria de Estado de Industriria y Comercio # 3
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Ayuntamiento Distrito Nacional
Ayuntamiento Distrito Nacional # 1
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Acta Constitutiva
Asamble General 2009
Asamble General 2011
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Habilitacion Educacion
Asamble Gerenal 2013
Acta Extraodinario 214
Reglamento Familiar
Norma y control familia

Officially incorporated on May 15th, 2002 as a non-profit charitable organization,
through decree No. 384-02.

Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc. exists to provide support, encouragement, and direction to any and all youth of the communities in the Dominican Republic between all the ages.

We believe in providing opportunities that will develop a caring attitude, leadership skills, and positive self-esteem.

No child is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. We provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

We are proud of these accomplishments which enhanced the capacity, strength and vitality of the movement. Our activities are made possible through the continued genorosity and commitment of several key corporations, foundations, goverment agencies and individual donors, who we gratefully acknowlege in this report.

Our children are the future and nothing is more important than ensuring their safety and well-being.


USA Registration of Incorporation, Guanin Center
Bank of America
USA Certificate 2
USA Certificate 3
RD. Registro Adecuado conforme a la ley 122-05
Acta Designacion Representante 2014





Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc.
Apartado Postal Z-77, Colonial Zone, DR.
Of.: (809) 435-1980, (829) 875-4599, fax (480) 247-4411
Email: guanin@gaunin.org , guanindr@yahoo.com

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