Workshop, November 2011.
Miguel Pope and Ms. Shirley, there are from Detroit Michigan. This mission trip to the Guanin Center, is one that they do have taken annually for over ten years. During the last ten years they have visited some amazing places ( South America, Africa, Asia, Europe) and have had amazing and life changing experiences as they have met and become involved with local people, this year they took our community Center, Guanin Center, in la Piedra to talk and share with our kids.


Miguel Pope is a motivational speaker from Detroit, Michigan in the United States; he talked to motivate our kids and youth at the Guanin community center, with his speech. Miguel is a motivational, moderator and facilitator, his message was very simple yet profound and a true reflection, his massage to us, is never give up hope and always continue to strive for our personal development and improvement (even when we think we don't quite see the fruits of our labour at a particular point in time). He left us with the message that some things that might seem difficult at first really become easy once we overcome our fears and get stuck into them. We will use these messages as a reference in the book of life.

Thank you so much our hermano, Sr. Miguel Pope and our sister Ms. Shirley for the workshop and to offer us your friendship. Please come back any time, mi casa es tu casa.

This workshop took place at the Guanin Center, in la Piedra, municipality of Guerra, Province Santo Domingo and the activity was organized by the youth Association (Asociacion Juvenil Jovenes de la Piedra, "AJUDA")


Workshop, Miguel and Ms. Shirley la Piedra November 2011
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