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USA Guanin Board.


Elias Severino Hernandez


Severino is the President and Founder of Guanín, dedicating nearly two decades of his time to improving his community. Guanín would not be where it is today without his vision, passion, and unyielding commitment.


Nick Arisco

Vice President

Nicholas Arisco is a doctoral student at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and helped build what is now UConn Bridge to Guanin. Nick's passion for improving population health together with his inspiration from the community of La Piedra, propels him to strive to meet community needs in whatever ways necessary.

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Cobinian Wanner


A 2018 graduate of UConn's Honors Program, Corbinian first visited Guanín in 2015 to get hands-on medical experience. He then led UConn's Bridge to Guanín program for three years, sharing his love of Guanín with other students.


Suraia Silveira


Suraia Silveira, 2020 Juniata graduated. I first visited Guanin in 2017. The Guanin family are my family now and this is why I want to keep helping.

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