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Fundacion Centro Cultural Guanín recognizes outstanding donors.

Every 6 months, Fundacion Centro Cultural Guanín recognizes outstanding donors. Today, we recognize Dr. Bruce and his wife Amy, who have been selected as Ambassadors of Guanín for their generosity and continuous support.

Thank you so much Dr. Bruce and Amy to be always avaible for our community.

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Guanin is entering a challenging and exciting time, as economic pressures  on our organization increase, and the demand for our services continues to rise.

We have a tradition of high quality service provision and activism related to the economic security and community development in an extremely impoverished community in the Dominican Republic.

We invite you to become part of our team. Membership dues help toward the organization's vision, mission, and goals.

Kingdom Loans Project, COVID-19 Relief

We have trained 10 women in a 4 week financial education course for entrepreneurs, who would be the first 10 families to receive the Kingdom Loans project, with 6 months free to start paying back the loans, and we will continue to accompany all the families of the community, around 1170 families. The coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating vulnerabilities for children and youth worldwide, and Guanin’s partners are at the heart of our community responses in the Dominican Republic. We serve our community in 6 different goals and pyramid. A) Education, B) Community Healthcare, C) Infrastructure, D) Gender Equality, E) Economic Opportunity, F) Community Development. We have a high incidence in the community of La Piedra, in which 40% of its inhabitants live below the poverty line (US$2.00 per day).

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