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Urban development Project.:

This project will provide better life to the 1170 families directly or indirectly, in the community of la Piedra.

The community of La Piedra is located in the Municipality of La Caleta, Boca Chica, Province of Santo Domingo. Geographical boundary to the North with the community of Bani, Concordia; to the south with Campo Lindo, La Caleta, and Valiente within the Municipality of La Caleta; to the west, the community of El Toro, Municipality of San Antonio de Guerra.


The Topology and condition of the land is irregular. The type of the land is karst, rugged and rocky, formed millions of years ago. It is produced by indirect dissolution of calcium carbonate from limestone rocks due to the action of slightly acidic water when the ancient corals become limestone after they emerged above sea level due to geological forces. The little available land that has been captured in rocky “bowls” is fertile and of very good quality for the production of small fruits and vegetables.

The environment is dry to semi-arid. This karstic zone extends from Eastern Santo Domingo to Los Haitises National Park in the northeast, guarding a natural treasure more valuable than gold—an immense reservoir of drinking water that lies at the bottom of the many caves, underground pools, and underground rivers in the region.

Urban context of the community.
In the community of La Piedra, there are currently 1,170 inhabited houses, of which 871 houses are owned, equivalent to 74% of the total; 289 houses are occupied by families living in conditions of borrowed housing, equivalent to 24%; and 13 houses are occupied in rented conditions, equivalent to 1% of the total housing.

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Community development.:


Disgned by  Lane Pralle.

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