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Centro Educativo Dra. Lynne Guitar

Education component:

Guanin offers free services to undocumented children. Because these children do not have access to the school system, free meal  three times a day from Monday to Friday, free transportation and free  health care.


365 children and 264 families have been impacted through the Good Parenting Project.  This project consists of encouraging mothers, fathers, and/or guardians to establish strong and affective bonds with their children from 0-5 years old, so that the demonstration of feelings by their parents can stimulate the integral development of their children. It also works with the parents in an intentional way to identify and manage without any type of aggression the obstacles that arise in daily life.

We provided 8 international scholarships sponsored by U.S. universities, to benefit the same number of students.

580 young people in different technical courses have been trained in coordination with the Dominican Institute for Technical Vocational Training (INFOTEP).

Meet our facilities at the Guanin Community Center.

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