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6 more women were funding from Kingdom Loans Program.

Today we have financed 6 more women entrepreneurs from the Kingdom Loans program, community of La Piedra, Municipality of La Caleta. La Piedra is a community that has been forgotten by all the governments, in all its daily aspects, since it is now without a health center, purified water, decent roads, etc. This community is in total abandonment. We invite you join us.

We are really appreciate and thanks the directors of Kingdom Loans, for their contributions to our women who are the most vulnerable in our community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic.

Guanin Center, as a foundation dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of humanity throughout our community of la Piedra and the surrounding region, is deeply concerned about how COVID-19 has threatened so many of us here in the Dominican Republic and the vulnerable countries like us. We live in a country without enough resources enough for everyone in its teeming cities, much less our impoverished rural communities surrounding La Piedra. Please help in any way you.

We serve our community in 6 different goals and pyramid. A) Education, B) Community Healthcare, C) Infrastructure, D) Gender Equality, E) Economic Opportunity, F) Community Development.

We have a high incidence in the community of La Piedra, in which 40% of its inhabitants live below the poverty line (US$2.00 per day).With your help, we can continue to provide medical assistance, home visits, and much needed medication, food, and clothing, as we have done for the past 20 years.

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