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6 more women were funding from Kingdom Loans Program.

Today we have financed 6 more women entrepreneurs from the Kingdom Loans program, community of La Piedra, Municipality of La Caleta. La Piedra is a community that has been forgotten by all the governments, in all its daily aspects, since it is now without a health center, purified water, decent roads, etc. This community is in total abandonment. We invite you join us. We are really appreciate and thanks the directors of Kingdom Loans, for their contributions to our women who are the most vulnerable in our community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic. Guanin Center, as a foundation dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of humanity throughout our community of la Piedra and the surrounding region,

The community of la Piedra requests that the Dominican Government reopen their only medical health

Guanín Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization, duly incorporated by Decree No. 384-02, dated May 15, 2002, and adapted by Law 122-05, resolution IONG024-2015, RNC Nº430-02679-4. Registered in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Germany, IRS session (46-5490061). For the last twenty years of existence. We have served our community in six different goals and pyramids: Education, Community Healthcare, Infrastructure, Gender Equality, Economic Opportunity, and Community Development. This medical health center, (UNAP La Piedra), authorized by the Ministry of Public Health, license No. 03201A05637, has stopped giving free health services to more than 1,170 families in the community

Voluntaria del Mes.

Every month, Fundacion Centro Cultural Guanín recognizes outstanding Volunteer. Today, we recognize Kim Wasmann, First German Volunteer to Guanin, who have been selected as Ambassadors of Guanín for their generosity and continuous support. A New Perspective is the Best Souvenir! You want to immerse yourself fully in a the real Dominican lifestyle by living and volunteering abroad in the Dominican Republic. Please click here.

Fundacion Centro Cultural Guanín recognizes outstanding donors.

Every 6 months, Fundacion Centro Cultural Guanín recognizes outstanding donors. Today, we recognize Dr. Bruce and his wife Amy, who have been selected as Ambassadors of Guanín for their generosity and continuous support. Thank you so much Dr. Bruce and Amy to be always avaible for our community. By becoming a member today, you will join a group of dedicated philanthropists from all around the world Guanin is entering a challenging and exciting time, as economic pressures  on our organization increase, and the demand for our services continues to rise. We have a tradition of high quality service provision and activism related to the economic security and community development in an extremely

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