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Sports Center

This project will provide better lives and jobs to 1,700 families directly or indirectly in the community of la Piedra.


Urban context of the community.


Guanin is Committed to changing lives one by one in the community of la Piedra, providing the experience of the thrill of sports at our Recreation Sports Center! Our state-of-the-art facility offers a baseball field, basketball court, and multi-use complex for all your recreational needs."

the residents of this community of la Piedra and those around it live in extreme poverty, in the community of La Piedra, there are currently 1,1700 inhabited houses, of which 871 houses are owned, equivalent to 74% of the total; 289 houses are occupied by families living in conditions of borrowed housing, equivalent to 24%; and 13 houses are occupied in rented conditions, equivalent to 1% of the total housing. poverty.

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