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A Medical Miracle

We, Anna and Anne from Germany, have been working on a medical project since the beginning of October. We first got called over to a house in the village on Oct. 3, only knowing that we would find a sick guy with wounds. Assuming he would have decubitus ulcers (commonly referred to as bed sores), we got the medical supplies that Guanin provides and made our way to meet Rafael. We turned out to be right, as we found a paralyzed patient with the typical decubitus from sitting in a wheelchair. The conditions were worse than we could ever have imagined—In a little shack, we found him laying on a urine-soaked mattress, and the room filled with the whir of hundreds of flies. The floor was covered

Family, Frustrations, & the Future

I’ve always thought of myself as a generous person, but I never felt like my generosity made a true impact on society. My issue was determining who should be the recipient of my time and donations. Do I give back to the local homeless shelter or to the guy on the curb? Living in Seattle, I see homelessness at every turn, so this is an ever-present question in my mind. Although I’ve volunteered at various places throughout my lifetime, I still did not feel like I was reaching my full potential in regards to giving back to others. Then, my life changed in a very unexpected, yet amazing, way. I decided to go on a trip with my uncle, Antonio Stinson, Sr., to the Dominican Republic to work with a

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