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Week 8 and 9

All the dogs in the community are vaccinated now! From Thursday, 10th of October till Sunday 13th of October we vaccinated all the dogs and cats of the Community to avoid rabies. Some families have about 8 dogs in their house! We walked about 7 hours a day to cover up every neighborhood in La Piedra. The people were so grateful that we did that and called us and told us where there are more dogs to vaccinate. Even if it was hard work we had a lot of fun and get to now the community much better!

Nurses On Site

The excitement built in my chest as the school bus slowly navigated the bumpy dirt road littered with potholes. It felt surreal to be back on the road to Guanin. Although I’d been in La Piedra two years earlier the scenes outside the bus window still shocked me. Children playing barefoot, dilapidated shacks with no running water and dirt floors, stray dogs with visible ribs, and the few humble colmados on the roadside that served as the communities only access to food not grown on their land. Despite my culture shock, I was incredibly excited to return to Guanin. I fell in love with Guanin on the UConn Bridge to Guanin Alternative Winter Break my senior year. When I left the Dominican Republ

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