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8 passangers donation van Received

This afternoon at 1:00 PM, local time, meeting with Mr. Antonio Stinson, Project Director of the USA Guanin Foundation, a position he has held for years. During the meeting, Mr. Stinson expressed his gratitude to the DR. Guanin members present, telling them about his experience working in the community of La Piedra in the Dominican Republic, and at the same time he made a formal delivery of the vehicle, 8-passenger van, Ford E-350, 2007. The donation was received by the DR. Guanin Foundation, Board of Directors.

Nicanor Vizcaino Sanchez, Gerlin Pena, Margarita De Leon, Elias Severino Hernandez, Luis Arturo Severino and Isael De Leon.

Mr. Elias Severino, President of the DR. Guanin, thanked the HDR foundation USA, for its donation of the vehicle and also thanked Mr. Antonio Stinson, Ishmael Stinson and all the USA Guanin Board of Directors.



HDR Foundation, USA

Thank you for your great generosity; we very much appreciate your donation and your sacrifice to give us the beautiful 8 passengers van. Your support helps advance our mission through a safe and confortable transportation. saving life.

Your support is invaluable to us, thank you again! If you have specific questions about our mission, be sure to visit our website.


Dear: Antonio Stinson And Ishmael Stinson

Thank you so much for helping us to keep our organization running; we really appreciate all your hard work, contribution and Ideas. GOD IS GOOD EVERY DAY and with the 8 passengers van donation, we will improve a better life to our community, providing a comfortable transportation to our patients, personal medical, personal volunteer and the community member of la Piedra.

We are so thankful, arriving to the community of la Piedra this afternoon after receiving the van, a poor family close to the Guanin Center, pass away and they did not have cash and transportation to carry the body to the cemetery and also to the relatives, we provide this service free of charge.

Saving Life is our forte!

Every day is a new opportunity to deliver the best of us, keep hope alive. De granito en granitos se construyen las más grandes fortalezas. Together side by side, wonderful things we can accomplish for our communities.


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