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Guanin Community Youth Center Program

Social Workers—This program will be funded by Guanin Switzerland

The Guanin Foundation is reopening its door again as the Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic subsides, in order to assist the impoverished, rural community of La Piedra by providing the same safe and caring environment that has enabled many young Dominicans over the past 20 years to play sports, and to learn and develop a wide variety of valuable life skills.

We are seeking two compassionate social workers—one specializing in psychology and one in sports monitoring—to help serve the community by assisting our young children, youth, and adults who have been affected by issues such as neglect, child abuse, domestic violence, mental health problems, and parental substance abuse, among other causes of distress. Cases will be handled by phone or in person and by contacting and making referrals to other agencies and services in order to find the best solutions to problems in the community.

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The social worker volunteers whom we hope will work with us within the community and with local media and government bodies, will ensure that the programs for infants and young children serve to give them the headstart that they need to prosper, and will help us to resolve the problems encountered at other age levels within the La Piedra community as well. Volunteers will be provided with free transportation to go and back from the airport and the city, and free accommodations at the Guanin Center via our Share Accommodation Project.