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Guanin Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser

All donations will go DIRECTLY to supporting the Guanin Center education. Urgently need 30 tablets old or new to facilitate the school year for these students, future leaders of our community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic.

The easiest way to donate is to send me the money via Venmo, cash, or via check written out to “Centro Cultural Guanin” Please contact USA Guanin. E-mail.: and then choose a square by clicking this link and sending me the letter code corresponding to your selection! Donations and picks can be made up until kickoff! Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your support!!!

It is SUPER easy to get involved, for $20 you have the option to buy a square on a 10X10 board based on what you think the football game scores will be (if you think the score will be 21-14 for example at the end of the first quarter, your name would be placed in the square that aligns with the 1 and 4 column/row depending on the team). You can win up to $400 in total! All donations will go DIRECTLY to supporting the Guanin Center.

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For more information, contact USA Guanin,