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Guanin Switzerland celebrated

Today we celebrate the second consecutive year without interruption, the foundation of Guanin Switzerland. To serve the most dispossessed people in the community of La Piedra, Dominican Republic.

The Guanin Switzerland Vice- president and founder expressed, this year 2020 has been a year of reflection for the whole world, to appreciate human life. For 2021 we have goals to reach and help as our motto to the most dispossessed people of the community of La Piedra, DR.

We serve our community in 6 different goals and pyramid. Education, Community Healthcare, Infrastructure, Gender Equality, Economic Opportunity and Community development.

By becoming a member today, you will join a group of dedicated philanthropists from all around the world.

Our membership levels and rewards are as follows:

All levels have free lodging at the Guanin Center in the Dominican Republic as well as access to rides to and from airport and Guanin's contacts and resources to make any trip to the DR one to remember.

  • Amigo (Friend)- $120/year OR $10 per month​

  • Guanin Exclusive Pen

  • Compañero (Companion)- $300/year OR $25/month​​ Guanin Apparel: T-shirt

  • Familia (Family)- $600/year OR $50/month​

  • Photo, name, & bio on website​ (optional)

  • Guanin Apparel: Pen & t-shirt