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Es una asociacion juvenil formada por jovenes de 14 a 30 años de edad. RD.
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For the Guanín "La Piedra" First Aid & Health Care Center,
Municipality of Guerra, Santo Domingo Province

We urgently need a properly equipped AMBULANCE.


Directly: 1,300+ patients who are served by our center.
Indirectly: 5000+ inhabitants who live in the adjacent areas, as well as the nearby community of Mamón, which has 3,000 residents. Total of potential directly and indirectly served patients is 9,300+.

Administrative Proposal for the Use and Maintenance of the Ambulance:

Ambulance service will be at the disposition of the Centro Cultural Guanín, Inc. Foundation, for the benefit of the entire community and the center´s first aid and medical dispensary. The costs of required fuel and the salary of a permanent ambulance driver will be covered by the Ayuntamiento del Municipio de Guerra (Guerra´s City Council). Centro Guanín will cover the cost of maintenance (including tires, tune-ups, mechanical repairs, etc.) with income generated through monthly payments by its members, cash donations, income earned through various community projects, and other activities and cooperative/collective programs.

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