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Community la Piedra, Sports Center

This project will provide better life and jobs to 1,170 families directly or indirectly in the community of la Piedra.

1) Source of income for men and women in the community

2) Recreation for the community

3) Active in the community

4) Training future professionals in sports.


1.- Sports facility Center. a) Baseball field b) Baskeball court c) Salon multi-uso d) Fast food shop e) Recreation area.

Income level:

60% of the families receive an income of less than US$2.00 per day, equivalent to RD$106.38 Dominican pesos. This low income is due to the few employment opportunities in the area. For the remaining percentage, one out of every three people receives an income of less than US$1/day, equivalent to RD$53.19 Dominican pesos. 15% live from raising animals (mainly chickens). Agricultural work, such as planting yuca and other vegetables, is very scarce, equivalent to 225 people of the 1,500 adults over 35 years, and 11 of the 1,500 adults, are women who represent 5%, and there are 30% who are engaged in casual/occasional work (chiripeo), and motorcycle taxies, equivalent to 1,500 people.

The conclusion is that the residents of this community of la Piedra and those around it live in extreme poverty.

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