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Extraordinary General Assembly meeting

Today, October 17, 2020, at eleven in the morning (11:00 AM), have gathered in a private Zoom Conference, the directors and advisors of USA Centro Cultural Guanín, Inc., in answer to the call that has been addressed to all members for a Motion to Amend the Bylaws as follows: Elected Officers of the Board of Directors shall henceforth consist solely of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (4 positions). In accordance with the bylaws, a quorum was established.

All other positions in the Bylaws were eliminated: Section 5.07 Financial Secretary/Operations Manager

Section 6.01, Director of Development.

Section 6.02 Fundraising Chair.

Section 6.03 Project Manager.

Section 6.05 Public Relations and Media Specialist.

Section 6.06 Community Health Advocate.

According to the Bylaws, Section 1.04 – the Main Goal for the Centro Cultural Guanín, USA and Canada is: In order to improve the quality of life for the Dominican people, we implement an integrated model for development that has been proven to reduce poverty by working with community leaders in rural areas in six key program areas: Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Gender Equality, Economic Oportunity, and Community Development.

USA Minutes 10.17.20_edited LG
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USA Guanin Minutes.