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Year-end closing fiscal and activities, USA Guanin, 2020.

Today, December 12, 2020, at eleven in the morning (11:00 AM), Extraordinary General Assembly meeting, have gathered in a private Zoom Conference, the USA Guanin Board Directors and advisors, in answer to the call that has been addressed to all members for a Motion of the year 2020 report, and approved the programs activities and 2021 budget by all the members as follows: A quorum was established

1.- Financial Updates, 2020

  • $25,000 Donations received in kind

  • $84,980.25, Donations received in cash

  • 800 families supported with food, Covid-19 Relief

  • 245 home visits completed, Covid-19 Relief

  • $30,000 was spent/invested on the general community project, Covid-19 Relief

2.- Budget and projects 2021. o

  • Dental Mobile Unit, $85,000

  • Dental Clinic Module, $15,000

  • Maintenance, Guanin Community Center, DR. $16,666.86

  • Membership Update Goal, Each board member required to get 5 people to sign up by the end of Jan 2021

  • Open a new Bank account for USA Guanin.

We pray to God Almighty that our communities may continue to be blessed by donations from caring individuals from the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Germany and other parts of the world. With your help, we can continue to provide medical assistance, home visits, and much needed medication, food, and clothing, as we have done for the past 20 years.