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Last Board meeting, Guanin Germany, 2020.

Marie Teresa, the German Guanin President, announced, Guanin conclude a record this year by announcing donations in kind and cash received this year, bringing our total to $110,080.25 awarded in 2020. Thank you to all our donors, sponsors, Guanin members and volunteers who have helped us support our communities throughout this difficult year, we pray to God Almighty that our communities may continue to be blessed by donations from caring individuals from Germany, USA, Canada, Switzerland and other parts of the world.

Elias Severino Hernandez, Executive Director of the Guanin Foundation Board of Directors said “We’ve witnessed great needs in our communities throughout 2020,” . “But through generous donations and sponsorship of grants, our Guanin National and International members have given us the resources to expand our support to these communities more than ever before.”

Grants awarded during this cycle will provide business income for 10 entrepreneurs’ Kingdom Project, as well as Medical supplies, emergency vehicle, 800 bags of food, especial medical assistance to 245 elderly patients with hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis and HIV, to assist Covid-19 Relief the community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic.

For the last 20 years, Guanin Foundation has partnered with Universities, High schools, Churches, Clubs and Etc., Registered in 5 different countries, Dominican Republic, USA, Canada, Switzerland and Germany to shape communities and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our expertise spans in 6 different goals and pyramid. Education, Community Healthcare, Infrastructure, Gender Equality, Economic Opportunity and Community Development. Our optimistic approach to finding innovative solutions defined our past and drives our future. For more information, please visit

Guanín Dental Clinic Project, need your help, we can continue to provide dental assistance to those in need.

1) Dental Clinic Module, $15,000

This project will benefit 365 children from our school and 264 families through the Good Parenting Project, plus 1,300 patients from our UNAP medical clinic in La Piedra.

With this money we will be equipping our dentistry module, which is in the medical clinic, UNAP La Piedra.

2) Dental Mobile Unit, $85,000

This project will be benefit 5,000 individuals from our community plus the students form 5 public school from our Municipality. The Guanín Foundation has partnered with 2 local dental schools in the Dominican Republic, that will provide dental students and input to treat patients.