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Kingdom Loans project.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges for children and families worldwide. ‘Guanin Center has launched an Emergency Response Fund to issue immediate Small Loans to the women at the Community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic keeping them safe.

The coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating vulnerabilities for children and families worldwide, and Guanin’s partners are at the heart of our community responses in the Dominican Republic. Guanin DR., is the local organization have pivoted to providing emergency hygiene kits, critical food supplies, community health, small loans for women, and accurate information to children and families.

They’re also struggling to support young people affected by economic fallout, spikes in violence, child marriage and unsafe situations caused by pandemic lockdowns, while searching for new ways to continue delivering key programming with limited resources. We serve our community in 6 different goals and pyramid. A) Education, B) Community Healthcare, C) Infrastructure, D) Gender Equality, E) Economic Opportunity.

In response, Guanin Center has launched an Emergency Response Fund to issue immediate cash, for small loans to the women of the community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic, affected by this pandemic with a low interest loan program with 6 months free to start paying back the loans. We have trained 10 women in a 4 week financial education course for entrepreneurs, who would be the first 10 families to receive the Kindom Loans project. The project would provide assistance to 1170 families, the vast majority that live below the poverty line in La Piedra.

Please Donate to support these children and family affected by the coronavirus.

Centro Cultural Guanin and community partners are uniquely positioned to protect children and youth during a crisis in our community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic, the truth is our community has been abandoned by the Central Government, because 40% of the community member are Haitian descendent. Our support will help provide them with the immediate resources they need to keep children safe and healthy during COVID-19 and beyond. It also helps build their long-term capacity to support children who are most at risk in the face of future pandemics and crises.

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