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Kingdom Loans Project, COVID-19 Relief

We have trained 10 women in a 4 week financial education course for entrepreneurs, who would be the first 10 families to receive the Kingdom Loans project, with 6 months free to start paying back the loans, and we will continue to accompany all the families of the community, around 1170 families.

The coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating vulnerabilities for children and youth worldwide, and Guanin’s partners are at the heart of our community responses in the Dominican Republic.

We serve our community in 6 different goals and pyramid. A) Education, B) Community Healthcare, C) Infrastructure, D) Gender Equality, E) Economic Opportunity, F) Community Development

We have a high incidence in the community of La Piedra, in which 40% of its inhabitants live below the poverty line (US$2.00 per day).

Within the achievements made: Kingdom Loans Project

10 families were benefited, please join us, be a member today

Health Component

● Construction of a Primary Health Care Center—(UNAP La Piedra. Through it, the services of ambulatory medicine, pediatric consultation, general medicine, nutrition, and dermatology have been offered, and more than 1,300 patients (adults, elderly, and children) from the community have been attended to since its operations began. It is important to note that the public health promoters available at the Center make home visits to provide timely follow-up to both children and their families in cases where these are required.

● 105 pregnant women under 18 years of age (teenagers) have been accompanied during their pregnancy and have received guidance on the importance of sonograms, pre-eclampsia, neonatal and maternal care, newborn alarm, and much emphasis on baby care.

Environment and Community Development Component:

● More than 101 houses have been intervened, 95 of them have been repaired and more than 6 have been built. ● More than 12 latrines have been built. ● Because of the arid karst terrain, five (5) mini-aqueducts have been built to benefit over 612 families in five different communities, including Mirador Aerial, Valiente Adentro, Paredón, La Javilla and La Piedra 2. ● Construction of a family recreational park for the community of La Piedra 1.

Education component:

● 365 children and 264 families have been impacted through the Good Parenting Project. This project consists of encouraging mothers, fathers, and/or guardians to establish strong and affective bonds with their children from 0-5 years old, so that the demonstration of feelings by their parents can stimulate the integral development of their children. It also works with the parents in an intentional way to identify and manage without any type of aggression the obstacles that arise in daily life.

● We provided 8 international scholarships sponsored by U.S. universities, to benefit the same number of students. ● 580 young people in different technical courses have been trained in coordination with the Dominican Institute for Technical Vocational Training (INFOTEP).

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