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Share Accommodation Questions & Answers

The first question that many of our new members ask us is, What is the Share Accommodation Project? And what is the difference between it and Timeshare? We hear many variations of this question on a daily basis. Through Share Accommodation, you will own your second house in the community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic--for a lifetime!--and you can use it however many times a year you want, and you can invite family members.

This article is our complete guide to information about our Share Accommodation Program. If you have more questions, more information that you need, this is the place to get it. Don’t hesitate to contact us, however, if you have a question to which you don’t see the answer

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Our Share Accommodation Project provides you with a second family home in La Piedra, Dominican Republic, a vacation home you can really afford! It’s located just a few miles from several beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Sea and from the Capital City of Santo Domingo, with all its history and cultural events. As a Share Accommodation Member, you will have free transportation to and from Las Americas International Airport to your second home. Guanin staff will provide 24/7 security as well as all the additional information and assistance you might need while in the country. Your house payment is a donation to the Guanin Community Center, which may be 100% deductible from your U.S., Canada, Switzerland and Germany taxes. You can use your home any time, whenever and as long as you want to stay.

Having a second home in the Community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic, your heart will be touched by the passion and spirit of the local people, rural people, many of whom live well below the poverty line, but who nonetheless share the traditional Dominican smiling nature. You can help improve their quality of life through volunteer work in community building and by running children’s programs, including arts and crafts, music, sports and recreation, and health education, among other fields. Come to enjoy and share in the year-round tropical warmth and dynamic Dominican culture. Here you can dedicate part of your life to improving the lives of others, enriching the potential of children and families in our rural community, children and families who have little access to quality education, sanitation, clear water, and employment.

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